Photography Resources

In our work to prepare our actors to use film cameras in rehearsal and performance, we’ve come across a few fantastic resources.

We’re fortunate to be working with Boston photographer Ryuji Suzuki, whose BEAUPIX Studio in Fort Point specializes in portraiture. Ryuji is serving as a consultant on the play, and will be working one-on-one with our actors.


We’re also digging the website I Still Shoot Film, a resource-rich clearinghouse for how-tos, technical explanations, and sample photographs. Of particular interest to our needs are:
The Introduction to Medium Format Photography
How Film Cameras Work: The Basic Mechanics
• And the larger-scale resource, The Beginner’s Guide to Film Photography which has great entries on depth of field, darkrooms, shutter speed, aperture, and more.

Examples of the types of cameras we’re using (images from I Still Shoot Film).


We’re used to the types of photos 35mm cameras produce, but medium format film looks a little different — we’re working with a camera that produces square 6×6 photographs (actually, not unlike Instagram, which is aiming for that retro feel). Here are some portrait examples we love by photographer Rog Walker, including from his series Black: An Aesthetic Analysis of Tone. For even more of Rog’s work, check out his Flickr feed, and this collection of his photo-stories on HuffPo.

Image by Rog Walker

Photo by Rog Walker

Image by Rog Walker

Photo by Rog Walker


Photo by Rog Walker


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